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Navigating through a consultation can feel like being interviewed for a new job. 

Knowing the right questions to ask can be tricky especially if you have never gone in for a consultation before. Your website’s needs may vary depending on what you are building and getting your objective across is a necessity for your business to flourish. The consultation is a crucial part of the design process, it is the introduction to you and your business.

Ask Yourself

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself. Why are you designing or redesigning this website? What is the objective you are trying to accomplish with it? The more precise the answer is the clearer the focus your designer will have when it comes to the functionality and appearance of your website. You know your business better than anyone, so know what your brand is and how you want to be seen. 

Ask the Designer

As a client, you are going to have many questions about your website as it is being built and before it too. There are some questions you should ask upfront before you are too invested in a project. 

Questions to ask before committing to a project:

     1. How long will the process take?

Turnaround for different companies can range from 1 week up to 1 month. It depends on many different factors from how many clients the company has to how long the designer is working on it. Asking this question will give you a rough time estimate of when you should expect your product to be ready. 

     2. How will we communicate throughout the project?

Knowing exactly how you can get a hold of your designers and their being able to reach out to you is important. Communication is key to everything in a design process, from concept design to deadlines both parties need open channels. 

     3. How does payment work?

You want an excellent product and to receive that you need to know how to pay. Asking upfront about payment methods or if payment plans are an option is an easy way to figure out if a company can work with you. Most companies have a starting amount for simple websites and additional add-ons or complexity of a site will add to the cost. Keep this in mind when you are in the consultation. 

It can be intimidating meeting with someone but preparation is key to everything. Keep these questions in mind and your consultation will go smoothly. You can always ask more questions, the more information shared from both parties the easier the project will go.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation for a website, please reach out to Texas Web Design!