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It’s important to keep up with the latest trends and 2023 has some pretty unique ones to keep in mind when creating your website

When it comes to web design there are a variety of different aesthetics and uses for a website. Knowing the years’ projected dos and don’ts is vital to the success of your business. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the internet. Your website is how a potential customer gets to know you before reaching out, first impressions are very important. 

       1. Y2K Aesthetic

The early 2000 style is coming back and continues to grow in popularity. In everything from fashion to music to how posts are being made for social media. Custom fonts with the reminiscence of vapor core and glitches are becoming more common in web design. 

Quick Tip: Text can be a key graphical element for this type of aesthetic, you can give it a modern twist so it is not overpowering

      2.  Shareable Frameworks 

Creators have started sharing resources and personal techniques as a way to grow their reputation. Many web designers want to build a better online environment for everyone. Flowbase (webflow resource site) has provided evidence that offering free resources also catches their audience and increases the use of their premium products. 

     3. Dimension to Illustration

With the metaverse becoming front and center of the digital world, images that give the illusion of a virtual world are becoming more enticing to readers. Immersive, multilayered illustrations and full-page effects have grown in popularity with the digital world’s expansion. Specifically, 3D illustrations have become the way to stand out from other websites. 

     4. Loading Animations 

Keeping with the revival of the early 2000s and early years of the internet, loading animations that are unique to a webpage is coming back. It’s a creative way to introduce a brand personality to potential clients without using words or a large speech. It makes your website more fun to interact with and keeps the audience engaged.

     5. Collaboration

Since the pandemic, work-from-home and hybrid working environments have become a common practice. This makes the online immersive experience much more important to its audience. Tools that allow remote collaboration has become essential to today’s work. 

Why does it Matter?

Now you may be asking yourself why you would want to know the trends in web design when your business has nothing to do with IT but building a website that is on trend is crucial to your business success and we at Texas Web Design want you to succeed. 2023 is all about bringing back the fun of the internet from the early 2000s.

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