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Even if you already have a well-planned out campaign currently running, we can help you make it perform even better.

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PPC (Pay Per Click) In Texas - Texas Wen Design

We will guide you through how pay per click works and how it can help you accomplish your marketing and business goals.

Boost Your Brand with Our PPC Services in San Antonio TX

Pay-per-click marketing services are a strategy that you need to drive conversions and increase sales. More businesses are using cost-effective and profitable pay-per-click campaigns to increase their leads and revenue.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay-per-click marketing is an advertising model that allows businesses to advertise on an ad platform.

Every time the ad is clicked the owners of the platform are being paid by the business. PPC is a targeted advertising space on an internet platform that uses organic search terms strategically to market products and/or services of a business.

The advertising models of PPC marketing are used in search engines and social networking platforms such as:

  • Google Ads
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • AOL’s Sponsored Listings Service
  • YouTube

Where Do PPC Ads Appear?

You will pay a fee each time one of your ads on any PPC platform is clicked. PPC platforms are sites that you can use for PPC campaigns.

The PPC platforms where we can post your ads include:

  • Google AdWords 
  • Bing
  • Yahoo 
  • Facebook 
  • AOL’s Sponsored Listings Service
  • YouTube


Our PPC experts will place your ads strategically on these platforms so that you will get the most leads. We can show you where we can help with your existing PPC account to create a unique campaign tailored to your marketing goals.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

To make it easier to understand how the PPC Ads system works, this is what technically happens when we create a strategic PPC marketing campaign for your business:

  1. You pay the account to the search engine program you choose to join. The amount paid depends on the search engine program’s terms for PPC Ads.
  2. We will create a small text ad (with an image, if preferred) including specific keywords or keyword phrases that are associated with the ad.
  3. When these keywords or keyword phrases are entered into the search engine by a user, the search engine finds the ads and places them on the results page.
  4. If the ad is clicked by the user and is brought to your website, you will be charged for the click.

We will help you create a PPC budget that fits your needs and we will manage your advertising for each click on your ads from your users.

Our PPC Services in San Antonio, Texas

We use the Google Adwords platform to advertise businesses online. It is the leading platform that dominates in providing information to users around the globe.

Customers usually use Google to search for products and/or services locally and internationally.

Hence, we run Google ads campaigns because it is the fastest way to generate the maximum number of leads possible and bring a real ROI.

Our PPC Services in San Antonio, TX include:

  • Channel Strategy.

    Our PPC marketing specialists can create high-performing PPC marketing campaigns using technology and creativity. Your business will experience increased visibility and more sales at a profitable cost per action (CPA).

  • In-depth PPC Audits.

    PAY PER CLICK or PPC sign - Texas Web DesihnWe will ensure that your products and/or services will reach your target audience.

    We will optimize your PPC ads for each platform where your target audience is hanging out so that you will have more ideal customers engaging with your brand.

    This will increase both your website traffic and revenue. Our PPC specialists will conduct A/B split testing to compare the effectiveness of your ads.

    This will lead to a better understanding of the best optimization strategies we will use for your next PPC marketing campaign to improve overall PPC performance.

    This will result in a better PPC management service that will effectively optimize your PPC marketing ROI.We will determine the best methods and work on various factors like text, graphics, and other display variables to maximize PPC marketing efforts.

  • Remarketing.

    Our PPC experts will make your existing website perform better by using remarketing to display advertisements to previous customers or individuals who visited your site.

    We identify your top-performing PPC marketing campaigns and create marketing ads for your high-value customers. We target site visitors who have previously expressed purchase intent to achieve cost-effective results from PPC remarketing campaigns.


  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis.

    We understand how keywords play an important role in PPC management. Our team will find the right keywords to bid that are most likely to drive sales and conversion without breaking our bank.

    Our PPC management team utilizes special tools to predict the keywords that your customers will likely type in the search box.

    We identify target keywords and refine your keyword list so that you will be on top of the search. We keep an eye on your competition as well and target queries that they are overlooking, including the strategies that they are using.


Benefits of Marketing Ad Campaigns in San Antonio, TX

The cost-effective benefits for your business when you invest in PPC marketing include:

  1. You can choose how much you will spend and only pay when a user actually reaches your website. This makes PPC marketing cost-effective because you work with your budget.
  2. You can choose your targeted audience.
  3. Our team can set up your PPC marketing campaign to carefully measure effectiveness and determine exactly how much your ROI is.
  4. PPC marketing is customizable and small adjustments can be made to improve performance based on what works best.
  5. The impact of PPC marketing efforts can be seen almost immediately.

How To Get PPC Ads On My Website?

We use the Google Adwords platform to advertise businesses online. We run Google ads campaigns because it is the fastest way to generate the maximum number of leads possible and bring a real ROI.

PPC Marketing Campaign on Google

Here’s how Google manages to get your ads to show on strategic positions through PPC ads:

  • 3d modern signboard of ppc - Texas Web DesignGoogle Ads provides cost-per-click (CPC) bid estimates that you can use when setting your bids.
  • Because Google is the dominant search engine, CPC works best if your main marketing goal is to get people to visit your website. Our PPC team can bid for direct-hit keywords and you can also opt to pay a different amount for broader keywords that will lead searches to your ad.
  • The rule of thumb in setting a CPC marketing campaign on Google is to think about how much an ad click is worth to you. We will maximize your click bidding with Google so you get the best ROI.
  • There are several bidding options that you can choose from and determine where your ads will be placed.
  • Google Ads allows you to set a maximum monthly budget that you will spend for each click within your budget.
  • Google determines how much will be spent per click, which will depend on these factors:
  • How much-competing advertisers in our area are spending
  • How relevant your ad is to a person’s Google search
  • How likely a person’s search will result in a sale
  • Google determines your Ad Rank


How Much Do PPC Ads Cost?

When you use pay-per-click advertising, your ads are subject to a bidding system known as the Ad Auction, an automated process followed by major search engines like Google.

As an advertiser, you bid on keywords that are relevant to your business. You can set the bid for how high up in the ad section of the search results you would like your ad to show. This will determine the cost per click of your ad.

The cost per click is the actual price that you pay for each click in your pay-per-click advertising campaign. It will depend on the keywords that you are bidding for.

In short, when you join a PPC campaign, you are participating in an auction so you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a given keyword. 

This is done using:

  • Budgets at the campaign level can be exceeded on a daily basis but will not be overspent on a monthly basis.
  • Bids at the ad group or keyword level which is a more precise way of controlling spending. All ad groups must have bids, but keyword-level bids override ad group-level bids. Google Keywords Planner tool can give you an estimate of what position you would be in and how much you would have to pay.


The actual amount you pay is dependent on your competitor’s activity and ad rank, not just the maximum bid. We will make sure that you have the best ad position for a successful PPC campaign.

Get a free proposal from us today and experience record-breaking eCommerce and lead generation revenue from our premier pay-per-click services.

We help your business drive users to convert so you can achieve a high ROI.

PPC vs Search Engine Marketing

PPC is a type of online advertising that tends to specifically relate to the type of ads that you see on the top of a search results page on Google or Bing. Search engine marketing refers to any kind of activity that aims to improve how easy it is to find a particular website through a search engine.

While the success of pay-per-click ads depends on keywords and phrases that you bid for, SEM is focused on getting your website to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

What works best for your business will depend on your goals.

PPC will offer quick results with a limited budget and SEM campaigns will often include PPC and SEO (search engine optimization), including other strategies.

Similarities between PPC and search marketing:

  • Both are paid initiatives (paid search marketing)
  • both need a budget
  • Both make search engines like Google and other advertising platforms a lot of money


PPC Services and Your Business

Pay-per-click advertising services in San Antonio, Texas will require investment, just as many other marketing ad systems do so, too. It maximizes the use of adwords within an allocated marketing budget for a PPC campaign.

It can be the missing link to your marketing strategies to get the fastest results possible in finding new customers and increasing your conversions through high-quality ads.

Texas Web Design is here if you are ready to start your PPC campaign for your business. Contact us today by calling 210-796-6341.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Does A Custom Web Design Company Do?

San Antonio web design companies help brands and organizations create websites. They will help you pick the right website framework and code, design elements, and website hosts. Firms that offer other services besides basic web design are better than those that don’t. Most of these extra services like PPC marketing and SEO are meant to increase your site’s ROI and improve your visitors’ web experience.

Why Is Good Web Design Important?

Great web design not only ensures that interested customers can find you online, but they can also have an easy time interacting with your brand online. A lot of factors have to play in your favor to offer customers great online interactions. For instance, your site navigation, page layout, and location of key elements will make or break the experience users have while interacting with it.

What Do You Do As A Web Development Agency?

As a web design agency San Antonio, we offer holistic custom web design services to brands and organizations. Local, regional, and international clients can rely on us to create sites that speak for their brand. You can rely on our web design firm for services like SEO, copywriting, web hosting, PPC advertising, responsive web design, and eCommerce web design.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to bringing you the most reliable and effective SEO services possible to make the growth of your business both easier and brighter. We understand how stressful it can be to attract the right potential customers and convert them into meaningful relationships that result in ongoing sales.

We believe your brand deserves to stand out and your customers are out there waiting to discover you. We’re honored to play a part in bringing the two of you together through a powerfully crafted strategy that will evolve alongside the algorithms keeping you apart.

Contact us today to get your SEO needs filled by a competent and knowledgeable team who are eager to take the weight of SEO off your shoulders.

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