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Your audience probably won’t buy from you if all you do is sell, sell, sell.

Make a move on your audience by sharing a free offering to provide them with quick and easy-to-attain value right from the start.

You might try a checklist or an in-depth guide on a topic that’s important to them. (How do you know what’s important to them? Hint: what’s their biggest problem? There’s your answer!)

Position this value offering front and center on your home page and a few other places across your site where it makes sense. This is also a great technique for growing your email list!


There is no point in having a website without encouraging your audience to take action.
That’s the entire purpose of a website: to provide your audience with an easily accessible opportunity to take advantage of what you’re offering!

A call to action or CTA can be anything from a button to some hyperlinked text or a separate section that literally calls your audience’s attention for an important reason.

CTAs are an essential piece of every website, social post, marketing material, and promotional sign. They remind your audience of the opportunity before them.


Similarly to providing a value offering, educational content like blog posts or courses gives you a chance to provide your audience with something to gain their trust – and eventually, their willingness to purchase.

Education is an essential pillar of any form of marketing content. In addition to providing value to your audience, it establishes your authority in the industry and keeps your business top of mind next time your audience is looking for assistance.

Educational content also keeps your audience coming back to your website or social media pages, enabling you as a business owner to get more out of our content, and eventually, warm up your leads enough to make them want to take action and invest in your expertise.


Social proof is the idea that people can be influenced by your community to take action.
One of the best ways to showcase the real people behind the brand is to integrate social media into your website. You can add social media feeds to your homepage or simply link to your social media channels as a button in your header and footer. Adding fun, relatable copy and daily images from social media helps strengthen your brand identity as well as trust.

We also recommend displaying strong and positive reviews from your customers on your homepage or your product/service pages to gain a first-time visitor’s trust from the start.


There’s a pretty clear debate about whether or not you should provide your contact information on your contact page, or just provide a form for users to fill out and submit.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear answer for you about which one is better. Because, in all honesty, they each have their pros and cons.

That said, making it hard for your audience to contact you isn’t doing you any good. We as humans prefer to put out the least amount of effort possible, especially when it comes to things that make us uncomfortable – like investing a lot of money into something you know you’ve been putting off for too long.

You should include clear contact information across your website to make reaching out as easy as possible for your audience.

We don’t recommend haphazardly throwing your phone number or email address all across your site, but it doesn’t hurt to include this information in your website’s footer in addition to your contact page, if you choose to provide your audience with a form of direct contact to you.

On top of making important information accessible, we also recommend including a contact CTA button on almost every page of your website. That way, if someone is browsing your services, and decides they’re ready to make a move, they don’t have to hunt for a contact method to do so. It’s easy! It’s quick! And it’s more likely to land you a sale!

If you’re ready to take your business from a side hustle to an online empire, we encourage you to check out our easy-to-use Squarespace website templates or reach out to us to learn more about how we can help take your business to the next level.